GCSE Music

Teaching in schools for over 10 years has given me a great insight into how to get the best results for my GCSE students.

I’m very proud of my students and i’m very proud about the fact that the lowest performance mark any of my students have had on a GCSE performance piece is an A!
This down to their hard work paired with my own experience of repertoire selection and preparation.

I like to develop composition and song writing skills with my students. Those who also sing have usually performed their own songs in front of an audience by the time they leave school, an experience i believe every budding musician should have as soon as possible.

I don’t see theory as a separate subject but rather gears and cogs that are all part of the musical engine. If theory is used and explained properly from an early enough stage it just becomes part of the students language and thought process. To me this is a much more organic way of understanding the instrument.